The Fall season is all about organization and productivity for me. It’s the perfect time to get aligned with my goals and re-focus on all the things I want to achieve. When evaluating my goals, I knew there was one thing I had to do in order to kickstart my productivity and give me the motivation to crush my goals. I had to start my day off right. Recently, I have transformed into an early bird (which is quite surprising). There are tons of benefits of waking up early, but many involve a morning routine as well. Knowing this, I realized that even though I was waking up early I was wasting my time. Incorporating the discipline of sticking with a morning routine allows me to work toward my goals.

A morning routine has shown me that I have more time available to hustle and grind. There’s more time to check off items on my to-do list than I initially thought. Waking up earlier, in general, has made me a happier person and a more patient mom because I get my daily dose of quiet me-time first thing in the morning.

I get to read my Bible, drink my coffee, and practice gratitude in the stillness of the morning when my mind is peaceful. Planning my day is much easier because I have better focus without any distractions. It helps me stay productive all day long.

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If you’re anything like me and you struggle to get things done during the day, I strongly encourage you to wake up earlier! I’m a busy mom and my 6month old wakes up super hyper. During the day it’s hard to squeeze in a workout or get any work done when I’m constantly chasing a baby around. So, waking up early is essential for me.

It’s important to care for yourself and set time aside specifically for that. The early morning hours are perfect because it’s free from distractions. Let me gives you a basic blueprint to make creating your own morning routine as easy as possible. These tips will help you actually want to get out of bed!

Start with something you love and look forward to.

I never grew up a morning person so when I started creating my morning routine I had to entice myself to get out of bed. What I look forward to the most is a hot cup of coffee and my workout. I’ll wake up, head straight to the kitchen for some coffee and get dressed for my workout. I do what makes me feel happier and healthier which in return helps me be more productive.

Fit in yo fitness!

I love doing my workout first thing in the morning. It gives me no time to think about it and talk myself out of it. So, it works for me. Find something that you love to do and get your body moving. Whether it’s running, walking, going to the gym, yoga, swimming…whatever it is just do it! If you’re like me and know you won’t find the time do it sometime during the day, try adding it to your morning routine.

Have some quiet time.

After my workout, I take a shower and do all my skincare stuff. Before getting ready for the day I like to take a moment to embrace the stillness. During this quiet time, I grab my Bible, cozy up on the couch and read. I also enjoy doing visualization, meditation and writing in my gratitude journal. Giving yourself a moment of peace before the days begin will change your whole outlook. Starting the day on a positive note is key.

Plan, plan, plan.

Take time to sit with your planner and review your to-do list. Write down goals for the day and intentions you have for yourself. Try to keep it as simple as possible so you’re not so overwhelmed. Having a game plan of what needs to get done helps you stay focused and you won’t be wasting any time. I create my to-do list based on priority – whether it’s urgent and important. I’ll know what needs to get done first and I’m less stressed about it (and I’m very easily stressed!).


What do you include in your morning routine? Be sure to let me know how waking up early works for you! 


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