Women are always looking for ways to promote the best version of themselves. Lose weight, get toned, clear skin. We want it all and I’m no different. Especially after having a baby, I’m more aware of the many changes in my body. But recently, I noticed a big difference in my skin and overall health. I feel sluggish and tired; no energy for anything (and you NEED energy with a baby). I decided I would not stand for this. So instead of giving into those healthy habits, I started focusing on truly treating my body like the temple it is, and in turn, boosting my confidence and overall health in the process. And let’s be real, the more healthy we feel, the more confident we are.

After doing research, talking to my doctors, and testing these out for myself, I’ve rounded up 4 vitamins and beauty supplements specifically for women. A multivitamin is super important, but these vitamins and beauty supplements can help focus certain areas you hope to improve! Be aware that vitamins and supplements help when coordinated with healthy eating and exercise. Here we go, let’s kick those health goals!




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Phytonutrients are nutrients derived from plants and plants are key to a healthy lifestyle. Getting nutrients directly from a plant really boosts the benefit in all areas. For me and my weight loss journey, I noticed a massive difference in these types of vitamins than man-made ones. They also hydrate the skin from the inside out, helping to minimize the appearance of dry and wrinkled skin. Phytonutrients help restore the skin barrier which can increase the production of elastin and collagen (aka fighting those wrinkles). Now, smooth skin is great but it also helps your body fight excess free radicals. There are so many benefits from phytonutrients and after taking these vitamins I’ve noticed the difference within a week. My skin cleared up better, my body felt like it was detoxing, and every all more energy. I’m excited to use these more and more!


Biotin helped me grow my hair out (although, in the end, I decided to chop it off again). Either way, I was left with super strong and healthy hair. This nutrient is important because it helps your skin, nails, hair, metabolism, blood sugar, and even your digestive tract. I know, it’s awesome.


So collagen is almost like biotin in the hair, skin, and nails department. But collagen goes farther – helping with wrinkles and dry skin. This summer I got really bad dry skin and collagen (+ tons of water) really made the difference. Collagen is also a major structural protein of connective tissue and that’s essential for healthy skin.


I always overlooked antioxidants, but after being consistent and most of all patient, I’ve noticed a huge difference using these vitamins. What they do is help protect your skin and c’mon, you need that in everyday life. They reduce signs of aging so if you’re skincare saying ‘anti-aging’ more than likely it has antioxidants.

Some vitamins that are antioxidants include Vitamin C and E. Let me tell you more about those.

Vitamin C and E

Now I just mentioned these vitamins are antioxidants, but they do more.

Vitamin C helps brighten your skin. My skin can get very dull if I don’t exfoliate and take care of it often and after using a vitamin C supplements and a proper skincare routine I don’t look so dragged down all the time. It has a ton of health benefits as well, but I specifically use it for this. I used this vitamin C serum and these vitamins.

Vitamin E is another story. Being pregnant with baby Ezra I tried my best to not get stretch marks. BUT..me being me and not using lotions daily, I got stretch marks. I’m not ashamed of them or anything, but if I can get rid of them then sign me up! Vitamin E oil and supplements really help diminish them (and my c-section scar too!). My night time routine became dry brushing, shower, oils, supplement. These vitamins helped, but again I had to be consistent and patient.


What are some of your health goals? Which supplement are excited to start using?

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