With school starting, work schedule getting hectic, and so many things going on its easy to forget about your health and fitness goals. Let’s be real, they’re probably the last thing on your mind. Been there done that. But with a new, fresh month coming up I thought it would be the perfect time to refocus and get back on track with my goals! To motivate myself and you guys, I created a one month glow up challenge. Challenges get me really competitive and push me to do more. I’d love for you guys to join me and as a community, encourage each other. #GirlsSupportingGirls


Along with a workout challenge, I also want to give you guys some tips on how you can make it even better. Every person is different and every body is different. So this challenge can be amped up or adjusted for you personally. I’m no personal trainer, but I have personal experience. But make sure to check in with your doctors, physical therapists, whoever you need to. I’m not a professional so be sure to get second opinions and do research. Super important.

Ok, Ready? Let’s get into it.

Time Yourself

I urge you to finish the whole workout and if you feel up to it do another round, but if it killed you then stop there. By doing this, you limit the amount of work a less-prepared person can do. It helped so much when I was testing these workouts because even though to some people it was easy, I was struggling. But don’t worry, the more you work at it the better you’ll become.

Adjust The Exercises

Challenges are not one-size-fits-all. Weights, reps, and sets during a challenge can and should be adjusted to suit each person. If you feel you need more of a challenge with the squats then add some weight or a resistance band. Add more sets for an extra boost or change up the reps. Don’t feel pressured to do the workout exactly as it if you feel you need something a bit different. As a beginner I love sticking to the workout I was given, but over time I’ve learned to use it as a foundation. Something to start off with.

Technique Over Intensity

If your technique is thrown out the window, it’s either time to alter the reps or change the challenge.  Don’t get caught up in adding more weight or doing more reps because you ‘look good’. Without good form, you won’t see any results and will most likely cause an injury. Take your time with it if you need. I remember going to the gym for the first time after having my baby and squatting was the biggest struggle of my life. I couldn’t even squat a plain bar when pre-pregnancy I was doing 2 plates. Just keep reminding yourself that this is the beginning. You’re working hard and you’ll see progress soon, don’t give up!!


Ready for this bomb glow up challenge!? Let’s get pumped for this! And remember! Be safe, listen to your body, and always stretch!

If you’d like to follow along with my progress follow me on the PumpUp app. It’s basically like Instagram but for health and fitness. I’ll be posting each day of what I’m eating, my workouts, tips, and so much more. My username is RobinLee34 and use the hashtag #glowupchallenge to follow along! I’d love to connect with you guys and have fun.


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