The cliché that being a stay-at-home mom or work-at-home mom isn’t a “real” job is actually insulting. Being a mom is harder than anybody can expect. It takes a lot out of you and guess what… you don’t just clock out at 5 pm and head home. I was lucky enough to stay home while pregnant and not have to work after giving birth. I’ve been super blessed and would never take this for granted. Although being home with my baby is amazing, I like to keep myself feeling productive and creative. So I decided to launch a blog, strive for more with my YouTube channel, and try out different ways to channel my inner girlboss. Yes, I consider this my work. And now that I’ve made a commitment to these things, it is crucial to optimize any time I have while my baby is sleeping or independently napping. Continue reading to knock out your daily goals, meal prep, and still have time to do your hair and makeup.

the ultimate work-at-home mom routine


Being a SAHM was wonderful and I loved every moment. But wanting to do more is no bad thing. That being said, adding work into the mix can be a little overwhelming at first. Making a routine is the first step to feeling sane again. This is a schedule that Ezra and I have been just about every day. Don’t get me wrong, we do have bad and days and sometimes no work is even looked at, but that’s just life. Ezra is 4 months right now and as he grows I’ll have to modify this schedule slightly.  I hope this helps and inspires other WAHMs to stay on top of their work and still put a smile on their baby’s face.


7 am – Ezra wakes up and I feed, burp, change him. I’ll grab my coffee and read my devotional with him. Now he’ll have tummy time/independent play time while I sit next to him and check my emails, planner and get updated.

8 am – Breakfast for me and play time with Ezra. I absolutely love playing with him, talking to him, and making him laugh.

8:30 am – I’ll put Ezra in his swing, meanwhile, I’ll jump in the shower then do quick hair and makeup. I’ll stay up with him, he’ll do tummy time and play while I try to do some work that’s not too distracting from the baby. It’s important that I organize my tasks so that when baby is doing things like tummy time, I can do some type of work that allows me to watch him and not take so much focus.

11 am – Ezra is down for his first nap which means it’s work time for mama. Mornings are usually for YouTube cause if I’m filming, the lighting is better in the morning. If not filming, it’s editing, planning, emails, etc.

1 pm – Baby is usually up at this time so it’s another feeding, burp, changing. I’ll do some flashcards with him and educational activities. I find this SUPER important cause at this age they start absorbing everything. After that, I’ll grab my lunch and watch a movie with him + cuddle. I’ll go through Pinterest on my phone and pin, tweet a bit, or catch up in a facebook group

4 pm – Ezra is down for his second nap and I’m getting back to work. This half of the day is all about blogging, at least the big chunks like writing blog posts, scheduling, creating images. Throughout the day I’ll scroll through social media and engage a bit, but this time is for hitting the big stuff.

5:30 pm – Baby wakes up and I feed, burp, change. I’ll start dinner and tidy up a bit before my husband gets home.

6 pm – We all eat dinner. My husband takes over and playing with Ezra, trying to keep him up as long as possible. We’ll give him a bath around 7 pm and start Ezra’s night routine.

8 pm – Baby should be in his crib by now so my husband and I have some time together. I try to make it a point to put our phones awake for at least 30min. to allow us to reconnect. Ladies, it’s super important to not let work come before your man. I know it’s easy to head back to the laptop or phone because the baby is sleeping but remember your husband needs your attention too. We’re all guilty of this, even me, but every day is an opportunity to try again and try harder.

9 pm – 10 pm I know this is a bad habit, but I try to squeeze in any last minute work that needs to get down. I’ve been able to shorten my night routine to just 20 minutes for this purpose. Once the clock hits 9:40 pm I turn off electronics, do my skincare routine, tidy up, meditate for 5-10minutes and get right into bed.


So there you have it, a day in the life! Every day varies, and I certainly do not stick to this right on the dot. There are times when Ezra won’t nap all day and others where all he does is nap. Sometimes I get some help from family and they’ll watch Ezra while I get more work done if I feel I’m falling behind. What I find most important is to not let my attention take over and always give my baby quality time together.

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