Ya girl was at 3 months postpartum and found out I actually gained 4 pounds! But being honest, I, in no way, tried to be super healthy (or even the least bit healthy). I don’t care too much about the number on the scale and neither should anybody else. BUT I notice I feel really sluggish, no energy, and overall uncomfortable with my body. I’m not fat shaming myself, but I’m aware of my weight gain and ready for a change. I feel that now is better than ever to get into the best shape of my life! My baby will NOT be my excuse for not taking care of my body, but the ultimate reason. So here we go, this is my weekly workout routine that I’ve been doing for about 3 weeks already!

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Every specific workout varies from week to week.  I always make sure to create a detailed workout before that given day. It helps so that I’m not going to the gym without a game plan or falling back asleep because I know I have no ‘real’ workout planned. Creating a detailed workout so I know what to expect + scheduling it in my planner makes me feel accountable.


My focus areas are my core (mom pooch got me good), hamstrings and outer + inner thigh, and my arms. Pre-pregnancy, my abs and legs were always my focus points but never my arms. I noticed I gained a lot of weight around my arms so I’m excited to tone them up! One thing I love about my weight gain was my poppin’ booty. Ladies, who else got the booty gainz going on?



All about arms. Focus on my triceps, a little on my biceps, and my shoulders. Was never a girl all about shoulders, but I’m really loving working them out.



Cardio + Core. Cardio is super important for weight loss and I love pairing it with my ab workouts.



Cardio + Legs. Everybody says not to pair cardio with legs, but I really enjoy it!



Abs, Back, Chest, and little bit of Arms. Feels like a lot, but I arrange my workout with exercises to knock out multiple muscle groups. Back and chest are super important even for women! I’m loving that toned-back look and excited to get those results. For arms I don’t go so crazy, just a simple burnout session to end the workout.



Cardio + Core. Ending my week on a good note, I’ll do some HIIT cardio and again, those abs. I feel abs have to be a super consistent to see progress, but I’m determined now more than ever.

I’m barely getting back into working out again and having a C-section took a lot more recovery time. Even now, I notice that if I’m feeling uncomfortable during my workout, I’ll stop and walk on the treadmill the rest of the workout time.


Hope you enjoyed this and got a little inspiration from it! What does your workout week look like? Do you have any specific exercises you’re loving?

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