Skincare is one of my many obsessions. I’m talking like one of the biggest obsessions I have. I love trying new products, face masks, and feeling like a glowy queen. We all love a glow up queen. But ever since I had baby Ezra I threw skincare out the window. I would seriously go days without doing my makeup or skincare. D A Y S. It was bad, I had to admit. Although, I’m not ashamed because having a baby is hard work but I did make my skin a priority. Here is my glowy skin pamper routine.

During the week I do my morning and night skincare routine. The usual stuff. I literally have to force myself to do it because I know how crappy my skin will get if I don’t. Plus, I simply have to show a little self-love, I deserve that. SO, a pamper routine….girl, I DESERVE THAT. MAMA NEEDS THAT.

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I do a pamper routine either Friday night (I know, I don’t go out, I have no social life) or on Sunday night. My husband is amazing and takes the baby either out with family or just to cuddle and watch a movie. As much as I love my family, I love my quiet alone time.


I start with a shower but make sure to dry brush before. Dry brushing has made the biggest change in my cellulite and stretch marks (growing a tiny human isn’t so easy). I’ll jump in the shower and do my hair, body, etc. Unfortunately, I don’t have a bathtub where I’m living which sucks for a girl who loves bath bombs BUT the Rituals ‘Ritual of Sakura’ foaming shower gel has taken over my life. I’ve never tried a foaming gel and it is way too cool. The smell is like no other and isn’t crazy sweet where you want to pass out. Anyway, I’ll throw on a robe and brush out my hair. Recently I’ve been loving the Eva Nyc Rock-a-Wave curl cream. I don’t have super curly hair, but semi-wavy and I still see how it defines the waves.


Now it’s all about skincare. My favorite part! I’ll cleanse my face with L’oreal Pure Clay Cleanser. I use the Exfoliate & Refine one because I HAVE to exfoliate. My face will feel gross and all the dead skin will build up if I don’t exfoliate so I make sure to do this at twice a week. And before moving onto more skincare I throw on a mask. I have a collection of face masks (I wish I was kidding) so depending on what my face needs that day I’ll choose a mask accordingly. My all-time favorite is the Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment. It’s the only face mask that helps with any skin issues. One time I got a weird rash on my cheek (it wasn’t heat rash or anything, but it was weird) and nothing I tried helped. This face mask was the only product that got rid of it and after that, I’ve been hooked.


I’ll leave it on 15 – 20min and during that time I like to meditate. Meditation has completely changed my mindset and even work day. If you’re a beginner (like ya girl here) check out Boho Beautiful on youtube. Her videos are my favorite for guided meditation! I noticed doing this both day and night boosts my productivity and I feel a lot more motivated, but definitely less stressed.


Once I wash off my face mask it’s time for the rest of my skincare.

Hulu time. (I’m been super obsessed with Hulu lately) While I’m watching Hulu, probably Fixer Upper, I’ll do my nails. I DIY my own fake acrylic nails. They look the same and last the same as salon nails, but I’m saving all my money! You can find the fake nails I use here and the nail glue I use here. It’s just a matter of gluing on the fake nail, filing them to perfection, and painting them! Voila, boss babe nails in no time.


By this time, it’s either getting late and I’m sleepy or I’m simply tired of being alone and go cuddle with my husband.



I think self-care night or pamper routines are extremely important. Whether you’re a student, a mom, or just have a 9-5 job, life can get exhausting. Spending a couple hours to make yourself feel like a babe (on a budget) can actually end up boosting productivity during the week.


What do you do on your pamper nights?

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