This school semester I’ve been hustling and grinding like crazy. Seriously, it doesn’t stop, especially because my assignments take longer than usual with a 7month baby (thank the Lord for a family that babysits!). So, handling all this stress (+ anxiety) I have definitely found ways to cope with it. All the assignments piling on, semester projects starting to creep up on you, and let’s not forget those midterms that wack you in the face. It’s a lot. Although my college courses are online, I know everybody is in the same boat as me. Here are some tips on how you can avoid that school burnout, mid-semester stress, and anxiety!

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Utilize your planner. It’s your best friend.

This seems like a no-brainer, but there’s a lot more to it! There are tons of ways that you can use a planner for better time management. There are bullet journals (my favorite), regular monthly layouts, to-do list sections, time blocks, and so so soo much more. I use a customized bullet journal from Etsy. I wanted to invest in a bullet journal that was aesthetic af, but also efficient. For me, if it doesn’t look pretty I probably won’t use it; sounds harsh but that’s me. So a plain old bullet journal just wouldn’t cut it. Having a customized notebook made me want to take it with me everywhere and write in it every day. But let’s get into how I use my bullet journal to plan the week!

First I write out a massive to-do list and this can go beyond school-related tasks. I let it all out; everything that comes to mind. Then I prioritize those tasks by deadline and importance. Sometimes I have a ton on my list that I have to shorten my workouts for that week. It’s ok, but we have to make those sacrifices. Next, you want to look at your monthly layout and see what deadlines you have for the week. If you haven’t already, put all the due dates for assignments in the monthly spread – this helps a ton! Now your weekly layout will have due dates written out. Simply take what is on your to-do list and schedule it in your week. I know, scheduling it in may seem a bit extra, but when it comes to time management you need to have a general idea of what you’re doing and how long you think it will take.

This is where you time block. Now, my days are always different and always unexpected – what more could you expect from a SAHM? Let me break it down for you: Say you have an afternoon block right after work. It goes from 5pm – 8pm. Now based on your to-do list and deadlines, schedule tasks that you will dedicate that time to and nothing else. Remember to be realistic and estimate how long you think those tasks will take. You don’t want to throw a bunch of tasks in that block and when you don’t complete them all, you might feel discouraged. That’s the last thing you want.

I make sure to squeeze in a workout where I can.

Usually, my workouts happen in the morning mainly because that’s the only time I have to myself. Working out doesn’t always have to be at the gym. You can follow a YouTube video, Pinterest link, or simply take your dog for a walk. As long as you’re active, you’re doing great hun. I always get energized when my blood is rushing early in the morning. I’ve been trying out different things like yoga, pilates, and I’ve recently been loving the elliptical I got as a gift. Doing cardio, watching YouTube videos – my kind of morning. If you ever feel lost or like you don’t know what you’re doing just remember you have an abundance of resources! I know NOTHING about pilates, but the app I have on my TV guides me every step of the way. Or if you prefer gym classes, take a friend with you. You’ll be held responsible and also have fun!

One thing I love the most about working out and staying active is that its sort of my way to vent things out. If I’m frustrated or stressed the elliptical is my best friend (ok, sorry, I’m really obsessed with it right now!). After my workouts, I love to roll out my muscles. I use this muscle roller and let me tell you…it’s basically a deep massage but with benefits! It helps to relax muscles and reduce soreness, but also helps with cellulite! Once I heard ‘reduce cellulite’ you already know I jumped on board.

Find what works for you and let me know in the comments how you’ve been loving it lately!

Join a study group.

Since I am doing school online I can’t really, physically join a study group for my classes. If you’re on campus that’s way easier, but if you’re like me then I have something for you!
This method I got from some YouTuber I don’t know the name of, but I used it within my work. I work from home blogging, running a YouTube channel and also being a wellness coach. I get together with a few entrepreneur boss babes in my area and go to a local coffee shop to brainstorm/work together. I transferred this to my school work. I have a few friends who are in college, just not mine, and just doing homework, drinking coffee with them gets me in such a productive mood! Get some friends together and try this out once a week. Bring snacks, coffee, drinks, whatever.

Treat yourself.. aka relax girl!

One thing I was terrible at was setting aside time for myself. By Monday (my school week ends on Monday..weird) I was exhausted. Taking care of a tiny human all day is a lot to handle and I thought doing school and work on top of that was driving me insane. Well, it was just that I didn’t take any time to dedicate to myself. Every Tuesday night I will take a hot bath, do my nails, read a good book with some coffee. Anything that relaxes me, I do. Lately, I’ve been debating whether to get a massage or not. I’ve never gotten one before, but my body is basically craving one! Let me know if you guys get massages regularly and how your experience with them is!


This semester just remember that you are good enough. You can do this and you will get through this!

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