LUSH has to be one of my favorite beauty brands. First off, they’re handmade cosmetics and skincare products and DON’T test on animals. I love their packaging because it’s personalized. You can see who handmade your product and it makes the buying experience so much more personal. Not only that but their customer service is freaking bomb. They’re always super friendly and know exactly what product you’re looking for depending on your need. Plus, they’re great, may I say incredible, with showing you how the product works and telling you about the ingredients. That has to be my absolute favorite quality.

Seriously. Amazing. Brand.

I’ve always been obsessed with their skincare products, but I’ve yet to try out their makeup products. With that being said, in my last visit to Lush, I picked up their mascara and their lip balm which I’m doing a review for as well.

Let’s jump in.

Eyes Right Mascara

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Fresh Wheatgrass, Water, Japan Wax, Stearic Acid, Talc, Triethanolamine, Carnauba Wax, PVP, Iron Oxides, Methylparaben

*the fresh wheatgrass conditions your lashes!


The Eyes Right mascara cost $14.95 plus tax. I would say this is one of the most expensive items I’ve bought from Lush but let me remind you I’m probably only purchased under 15 items. My city sadly does not have an actual Lush location so I either order online or visit when out of town (and I seriously make my husband take me to Lush whenever we leave the city). The bottle is 0.2 oz. Considering it is hand-made with fresh ingredients, not tested on animals, and mostly natural, this right here is a steal. Definitely of good value.

Now for the good stuff. The review. This mascara is probably one of the best I’ve tried. I’d probably say it’s similar to the IT Cosmetics superhero mascara, except with the Lush mascara I don’t have to apply as many coats as I would with the IT Cosmetics mascara. I never had any clumps of too much product and it looked flawless with the rest of my makeup. The cashier checking me out says she loves it herself and that it actually helps grow your lashes as well (double win!!). I think this was so ironic because I’ve been wanting to grow my lashes out and seriously asked if there was a mascara that would grow your lashes as well. In the beginning, I was not expecting much with Lush’s mascara mainly because I always affiliated Lush with skincare. But after trying out this mascara I’m definitely excited to try out their other makeup products such as their highlighting and bronzing skin tints and translucent powder.


Literally everything. Starting off with the formula: it is a perfect consistency. It’s not a heavy and creamy formula that weighs down your lashes. But it’s also not too watery or thin that you need a million coats. The wand seemed pretty basic, but once I tested it I was crazy about it. It’s perfect for both top and bottom lashes, never leaving mascara marks on your skin (like when you apply, and it gets all over your under eyes). On the top, it gives a full volume look and is very luscious. So, I give the wand an A+

Now I tested this mascara to the fullest extent. I happened to wear this mascara to my brother-in-law’s gender reveal that took place at a park with a water zone. I went all out; getting buckets of water dumped on me, splashes from every angle, and running through the sprays. By the end of it, all (and it took a while) my mascara withstood it all. I had a little to no mascara fall-out and my lashes weren’t that curled anymore but weren’t straight either which is totally expected. What surprised me was that I didn’t come out looking like a lost raccoon. For the record though, I didn’t full on rub my eyes but sort of wiggled the top of my eyelid a bit (if that made any sense).

What I love most is that after applying the mascara I noticed my lashes actually stayed curled rather than going back to being straight, like most mascaras do. And my eyelashes are super mega straight. With ALL other mascaras, by the end of the day, they’re back to being flat. I’ve yet to try another mascara that has the effect that the Eyes Right Mascara does.


I can’t find a con with this mascara, which is surprising because I’m a very picky person. I would say that the packaging is a bit on the small side, but I found that I like it since it fits perfectly in my purse when I’m going to do my makeup on the go. If they came out with a bigger size but kept this size I think that would be perfect.


This is definitely a product I will continue to repurchase and a brand that I will always be purchasing from. If you’re lucky enough to have a LUSH in your city, check it out and test some products! What kind of products will you be looking for next?