As a blogger, I’m constantly looking for new strategies to grow my traffic BUT being a full-time mom, I don’t have crazy amounts of time to be in front of my laptop (I barely have time to put on pants, let’s be real). Tailwind is my absolute favorite Pinterest scheduler to fit my lifestyle! I’m able to consistently grow my blog like crazy and it’s a no-brainer, super easy to use app.


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If you want to grow your blog with Pinterest, you have to be actively pinning consistently. Pins go out every single day throughout the entire day. You can’t expect to grow like crazy and pin once or twice a week. But I get you, it’s hard to find time to pin every day. This is where Tailwind comes in. Tailwind has gotchu girl. You can schedule a ton of pins to go out throughout the week and your Pinterest is now running on autopilot. You can schedule pins months in advanced too!

Best part? You can get a Tailwind 30-day free trial to test it out and see if you love it as much as me before making the commitment. Click here to get started!

Why should I Use a Pinterest Scheduler?

If you’re a student, mom, or have a 9-5 job, chances are you don’t have time to go on Pinterest every day to pin all your pins. Before I used Tailwind I either forgot because I was too busy to pin or only pinned every bathroom break. I never pinned as much as I wanted and never saw my blog traffic grow.

Now I take 1 – 2 hours a week to schedule my pins. It saves so much time and less stress knowing your Pinterest is taken care of. Now, Pinterest will rank you higher and promote your pins more when you manually pin, so I do pin a few pins manually right before bed.



Get Tailwind for F R E E

Tailwind is a paid app (about $10/month), but first, let’s get you it for free. Cool? Create your account using this link and you’ll unlock 30 days of Tailwind for free! C’mon, who doesn’t love free? Try it out, try out some of the strategies I will be talking about and see how you actually love the app.

So get your account set up, and follow along so your biz can be running and growing without you doing a thing.


How To Use Tailwind To Boost Your Blog Traffic

After creating your account in Tailwind, you’ll want to download the extension for your browser. It makes selecting your pins way easier. You’ll find it under ‘Publisher’ then go to ‘Drafts’. It’s free and saves a buttload of time.


You have the Tailwind extension downloaded, but before we open up Pinterest, let’s set up your time slots. Go to ‘Publisher’ à ‘Your Schedule’. Seeing this page makes me feel so accomplished, like such a boss babe. Something about a schedule gives me a feel of success.

You’ll be able to create as many timeslots as you want for each day of the week. Plus, Tailwind suggests optimized times that your pins do best. To add more timeslots simply click the ‘Add Time Slot’ button or the times with dotted lines around it. I started off with 30 – 40 pins a day and worked my way up to 120.

Board Lists

Board lists save you time when selecting which board to pin your pins to. Instead of selecting each individually, you select a board list that has multiple boards within it. It’s literally what it says.. a board…list. I know, it’s full-proof. Click ‘Publisher’ à ‘Board Lists’. I categorized my board by group board niches, personal boards, private boards, and affiliates.

Bulk Selecting Pins

Now we’re heading over to Pinterest. Go to your profile and open up a board you’d like to start pinning from. Remember the Tailwind extension? Click that button and select the pins you’d like to schedule! They’ll show up along the bottom of the tab, then click ‘Go Schedule’.  I find it easier to bulk select pins based on categories.

Scheduling To Boards

A different window will pop up. All the pins you selected are on there and we’re gonna get to scheduling now. You want to make sure these pins are heading to the boards we want them to head to. Under ‘Type A Board Name’ you can select an individual board by typing it in or select one of the board lists you created earlier. Once you’re all done select ‘Schedule All’ in the top right corner and tailwind schedule them into the next time slot.


Tailwind Tribes

Last but not least, Tailwind Tribes. I’ll admit when I first started using tailwind I thought tribes were all complicated and useless. But honey I was soo wrong. Tribes will boost traffic 10x more! Think of them like group boards. You join, you pin and people will schedule your pin onto their own boards. Actual group boards are important, but tribes are incredible. There’s so much awesome content being pinned to quality tribes. It gives you a ton of content to choose from and gets your content in front of so many eyes too!

Click on the ‘Tribes’ section and join tribes related to your niche. Then you’ll head over to ‘Publisher’ à ‘Published Pins’ and select what pins go to which tribe. Make sure to follow all the tribe rules too! Some ask pin or pin or 2 pins of someone else’s for every pin of yours. It’s all about supporting others and sharing the love!



Sundays I will take an hour or two to schedule my pins, but I do manually pin throughout the week. Whether is on the car ride to get groceries or when I’m just chilling right before bedtime, I pin a few. The Pinterest algorithm loves it when you manually pin, so it helps you a lot as well!


Tailwind has helped me grow my blog like crazy, so I suggest doing the free 30-day trial. What’s your Pinterest strategy? Do you think Tailwind will help?




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