As a stay-at-home mom, I’m always looking for ways to make some side income. Something to pay a bill or gas or even for a nice date night out. Who doesn’t like a little extra money!? Or if you’re a blogger that promotes affiliate campaigns, you can now add that link directly to Pinterest without having to create a blog post for Pinterest followers to click on. It’s very simple that literally, anybody can do it. When I first discovered this, I had to learn every in and out of Pinterest. You can utilize social media and the possibilities are endless. Here are some of the ways you can use affiliate links on Pinterest.

pinterest passive income affiliate marketing links


What The Heck Is Affiliate Marketing?

It seems like a new and trendy way of making income online but in fact, it’s been around for decades. Any salesperson who makes a “cut” or commission from selling a product is, in a sense, an affiliate for the said product. Without realizing it, you have probably already clicked on an affiliate link for makeup or an Etsy printable. Those are affiliate links.

Setting Up Your Account

Creating a business account is best. With your url you’ll be able to apply to affiliate programs and as a business account, you can see your analytics. Perfect for tracking your progress on how many pins and clicks you get. Once you create your account, make it aesthetic af. Let’s be real, if a feed is not pleasing to your eyes you won’t bother to follow. It’s the ugly, harsh truth. Plan out your boards with similar colors, text, and niche.

They’ll have a clean purpose and theme. Make sure they’re staying on-topic consistently.

How To Insert Affiliate Links Into Pins:

Make sure you read Pinterest’s Acceptable Use Policy. Basically, it’s important you use the super ugly full link to the product. Also, MAKE SURE you place a disclosure in the description. This can literally just be “affiliate link” after you type the description. Gotta keep this legal!

You can pin really, anything and everything! Have a look at your boards and see what affiliate links you have already pinned without realizing it. For me, the most popular were makeup, clothes, and baby items.

Get your product image and affiliate url, type out the description and pin. You can get stock images from the brands themselves or take your own and make it fun. Get creative with it. YOU ARE LIVE. Your affiliate link is live and ready to be re-pinned! Now you got get creative on how you pin your image.

The best place to start is by adding affiliate links to pins that are already posted on your account. See what products you’ve pinned, check to see if they have an affiliate link and then link it. Super freaking easy. Just don’t forget to edit the description and add keywords so people can find.

Try out a product only board. Fill it with anything related to your niche and just keep pinning. Even pin things from other people but remember to match your theme. Are you a fashion blogger? Add your favorite style pieces. Travel blogger? Add products you love using when you travel. The possibilities are endless.

Group boards are also an awesome way to get your pins out there. They help grow your reach and bring loads of traffic! Search a specific niche + group board, under the board section and you’ll find tons of group boards you can join! Follow the directions in the description to apply. My best tip for you is to join groups that have around the same amount of followers as you do. You’ll more likely be accepted and you can pin on!


Happy Pinning! Xx




What ways do you plan to use affiliate links on Pinterest?



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