During summer I break out the most. I have dry skin but I get sweaty and oily throughout the day. I don’t have acne or any skin conditions, but I’ve learned a lot about balancing my hormones for skincare.  This summer I was able to maintain clear and radiant skin. Here are my tips for getting & maintaining clear, flawless skin.


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  1. Eat Yo Veggies

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. “Eat veggies and drink water” is what EVERYBODY says. But let’s get deeper. Eating the proper foods is not just overall healthy for you but helps balance your hormones. That is key. Most breakouts and acne happen due to hormones. See a dermatologist, do some research and find what works for you. Stay away from such greasy foods and sodas.


You are what you eat.


It’s true. Our skin replaces itself every 27 days. So replace it will well-nourished, healthy, glowing skin! When I realized how dry my skin was getting, it was because I was dehydrated.  Focus on a good intake of Vitamin E, Biotin, Vitamin C, and Collagen. These are my two favorites vitamin supplements that help give you a little extra boost towards flawless skin!

HUM Collagen Pops & HUM Red Carpet


  1. NEVER Go To Sleep With Makeup

Makeup is life. I’m all about makeup, I truly love it! But never, ever keep it on over not or past 10 hours. Makeup can cause bacteria build up when left for a long period of time and you’re skin just absorbs all that bacteria. Prevent break out with a good makeup remover.


  1. Stick To A Daily Skincare Routine

Here’s the breakdown. Remove makeup, cleanse, exfoliate (when needed), toner, serum, moisturizer. Boom. Skincare routine.


Quick Tip: If you’re acne prone, use a toner! It helps with Ph balance and you’ll see a difference.


Stick to a schedule/routine day and night. Exfoliate at least twice a week to scrape off all that dead skin still lingering. Use a face mask at least twice a week as well. Your face needs a little pampering too.

If you’re trying to focus on certain problem areas (blackheads, acne, sun damage, etc.) always incorporate that into your routine.

Don’t get impatient and stop. Every single product is important! You’ll most likely see results from 8 – 12 weeks.


  1. Invest In Yourself

There are tons of drugstore skincare products that are incredible so definitely find some review and check them out. But if you see a high-quality product that is a little pricey, BUT you know will be amazing, pick it up.

At Sephora, you’re able to get as many samples of products you want. I like to test out skincare products like face masks or serums to see if they’re really the hype before throwing my paycheck out the window.

For products you’re not able to test out read blog reviews or YouTube videos about them. When I got my BabeLash Eyelash Serum, I was hesitant because a 2ml for $50-some was a lot. Although, it turned out to be the one that grew out my eyelashes and eyebrows. DO YOUR RESEARCH!


  1. Use The Law of Attraction

This one sounds a little weird. You’re probably expecting more skincare-related things, but the law of attraction works in every aspect of life (even beauty). My favorite techniques are affirmations and visualizations. After my skincare routine, I will lay down on my bed, close my eyes, and feel the products sink into my skin knowing full-on they’re clearing up my skin. I’ll visualize my blackheads removed or my pimple disappearing. When I eat a nourishing meal I take a moment to think about all the wonderful things these foods do for my body and skin.

It sounds a bit cliché, but having the right mindset in this is important and honestly pushing you to love yourself even more!

Get a reminder app and set notifications of affirmations throughout the day. Could be skincare, beauty, weight loss, or success. You’ll be surrounded by happy and positive things!



Which skincare tip are you most excited to try out?

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