Out of all the seasons, fall is by far my favorite. Summer and Spring are fine, but once Fall or Winter rolls around I go crazy! When I think of the Fall season I think of pumpkin spice, the corn maze, organization, school, coffee and cozy blankets. All the decor and recipes get me so excited! But Autumn also has those back to school, work, hustle and grind vibes that I’m obsessed with. A new season is like a fresh start. Full of opportunity and like I can start all over again. I’m excited to share this one with you guys.

New season new me. 

So, this month I decided to start some new habits and hope they inspire you to start your own or restart any old habits you may have forgotten about. I love to think of autumn as the time to get healthy, back in my routine, and refocus on my goals. I had my baby in March and it took about 3 months to get cleared to workout. In those 3 months, I got very doubtful and unmotivated. My goals were out of focus and every day became unproductive. With school starting on Sept. 24 for me, I made a commitment to change how I was living. Here I’m going to share with you guys the healthy habits I’ve chosen this new season.

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Create and stick to a morning routine. Trying to workout almost every morning.

I used to never have a morning routine but always wanted one. Being honest, I was simply terrible at sticking to a morning routine. 8 There were days I woke up, managed a morning routine and felt amazing the rest of the day. But it was never consistent. To stick with a morning routine I had to truly want to do a morning routine. I had to find my why.

There are tons of benefits to a morning routine. The one that struck me the most was ‘more productivity.’ I have dreams and goals I’m trying to accomplish and without any hustle, nothing was going to get done. You can read more about my boss babe morning routine right here.

Getting back into working out is also on my healthy habits list. Specifically, I wanted this within my morning routine because I know I never find time for it during the day. With a 6-month baby taking all my attention, working out is the last thing on my mind. I recently got myself an elliptical and it’s the best decision ever. Getting in a good cardio workout from the comfort of my home is awesome! I usually do 15min. on the elliptical and a 15 – 30min. workout. There are tons of resources out there for ideas. Sometimes I do a YouTube video workout or just Pinterest at-home exercises. Sometimes I use health and fitness apps, but they’re not my favorite.

Incorporating more fruits and veggies in my day + meal prepping.

Let’s be real, I haven’t always been the healthiest person out there. I did eat my veggies, don’t get me wrong, but the majority of my meals were VERY unhealthy. Fast foods, lots of oils, too much sugar. My mindset was always ‘no more junk food’ which led my thoughts to dwell on junk food time after time. Switching my mindset from ‘junk food’ to ‘more veggies and whole foods’ my habits started to change too! It’s amazing what the power of thoughts can do for you.

Meal prepping has also been a life saver, especially with being a mom. My baby is one crazy child so there are days I simply forget to eat (we’ve all been there, don’t be judging me). I’m either too tired to cook a whole meal or get caught up with life that I simply forget. Taking about 2 – 3 hours of my week to prep breakfast, lunch, and dinner leaves room for more family time and productivity. If you haven’t already, look into meal prepping. It’s not as hard as it sounds and I love using the time to cook with my husband!

See a task till the end.

Week after week I find myself with a pile of laundry…clean laundry. I’ve gotten in the habit this summer of starting something, but never finishing it. Let me explain. Laundry, for example, is the worst thing on this planet. I hate doing laundry with every bit of my soul, but my family needs clean clothes. I’ll wash them, put them in the dryer, then take them out and forget about them. I never finish the task by folding them, putting them away, etc. It’s like when I do my makeup in the morning and it looks like my makeup bag threw up on the dresser.

This habit is the hardest one of all, I will admit. Seeing a task until the end is really important in maintaining a clean home and with my baby exploring more, I HAVE to get this one down.


Those are the habits I’m starting this fall and I’m super pumped to get going. I hope this gave you some inspiration on healthy habits you can start too! Are there any other habits you’re starting this season?


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