For weeks I’ve been starring at my laptop, fingers on the keyboard and nothing comes to mind. My brain literally won’t come up with words and after 10 minutes I give up. Every idea I had I felt wasn’t enough or no idea would even come to mind. If this is, or something similar, sounds like you then you get it. Honey, creative rut sucks. Being stuck in a creative rut can be different for everybody and you may experience it in different ways. But without a doubt, every single person out there has been through it multiple times. We’re not alone! Yay!!

After about a week of being in this ‘stuck’ state, I HAD to figure something out. I hated the feeling of it; how unproductive it made me. So, I picked myself up and got to work. Now, here I am sharing with you the ways I got myself out of a creative rut and I hope it can help you if you’re currently in that ‘stuck’ state-of-mind.

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Getting some fresh air.

This was by far the best way I could clear my mind. Simply sitting on the front porch with my baby, watching the rain fall or watching the clouds in the sky is my favorite thing to do. So, take that time and clear your mind. Don’t think about those piles of laundry, the massive to-do list, or the content calendar you’re falling behind on. Be in the moment and love it. Take it in. You can go for a hike, have a picnic, or simply go for a walk around the block.

Change your workspace.

Not only does your workspace need to be clean (I seriously can’t work on a messy desk), but changing things up will recharge your brain. I love going to a local tea bar where the atmosphere is something out of a movie. It has that bohemian feel to it that I can’t get enough of. Head to a place you feel productive; a place that gets those creative juices flowing. There are public libraries, coffee shops, and cute little bookshop. The possibilities are endless + if you work from home like me, it’s nice to get out of the house.

Accept a challenge.

I’m obsessed with those 30-day challenges, whether they’re exercising, health-related, or spiritual. Any time I see them I go a little crazy – who’s with me? So, take that idea and incorporate it into your creative workspace. For example, I’m trying to be more consistent with my YouTube channel…if you’ve seen it, you know how bad I am at consistency. To keep myself accountable and basically put out some kind of content, I create a type of series. I do a 7-day challenge where I upload every day. Plan out a series or create a challenge for yourself and stick to it! Not only will you be creating content, but you it will help get you into a motivated state. Here are a few ideas to help you out:

  • a girl boss series – productivity, time management tips, study tips; college-based, home, or biz
  • health & fitness – I actually created a bomb workout challenge you can check out here! 
  • organization challenge – 7 days of sharing how you organized an area of your home or digital life

Treat yo self!

One of the best things you can do it pamper yourself. I personally love to do my nails, but DIY them. It not only saves $$ and is very therapeutic to me. If you prefer to sit back and let someone do the work for you, call your babysitter and head to the salon. Get your nails done, touch up your hair, rock those eyelash extensions. You work hard and it’s time to clear your head. With clear focus you’ll have a fresh perspective on things.

Don’t strive for perfection.

The biggest problem I had (and sorta still have) is throwing my work out the window because it wasn’t ‘perfect.’ Let me be straight up…nothing will ever be perfect or good enough or whatever you want to call it. But whatever you create it entirely your own and it’s unique, that’s what makes it the best! Don’t beat yourself up over what you “can’t” do; that’s the self-doubt talking. Look yourself in the mirror and say ‘I AM INCREDIBLE. I LOVE MYSELF AND EVERYTHING I DO. I DESERVE LOVE.’ It will be cheesy and uncomfortable at first but try it. Get yourself out of that perfectionism mindset.

Change your routine.

If it’s not working, change it – and that applies to everything in life. If what you’re currently doing isn’t producing results then mix things up a bit. Don’t be scared of something different. Add new habits to your morning routine, revamp your workout regime, or add gratitude journaling to your day. The possibilities are endless. Simply take a look at your overall daily routine and pick out pieces you want to move, change, or add to.

You’ve got the resources right in front of you and now it’s up to you to implement them. Remember, everybody gets stuck sometimes, but it will not be the end of the world. You got this! I believe in you!!

What works best for you when you’re stuck in a creative rut?

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