We all have those weeks where nothing turns out as expected or as planned. It can get frustrating and well..that was me last week. Frustrated and overwhelmed.

Here’s a recap of it all:

We had a bug problem going on in the house. It ended up being fungus gnats from the weeds toward the back on the house and they kept coming in from little cracks. Words could not describe how irritated and annoyed I was, especially as a WAHM. Like..this is not just my home, but my workplace. I’m here all day. I’m just glad it’s all over and it wasn’t super serious.

Because of this bug problem I was totally consumed with getting rid of them, cleaning like crazy, and watching over Ezra like a hawk. I didn’t give any attention to eating healthy, working out, or my side hustles.

My meals were not the healthiest and my workouts were nonexistent so I could feel how sluggish, grumpy, and unenergized I was. I wasn’t giving my health any effort. It’s hard to care for a tiny human when you’re barely hanging on to the little energy you have.

So 1) my health was A MESS. 2) I let things like cleaning, those darn bugs, and laziness consume my productivity aka I didn’t get crap done last week. And 3) I started a new work-from-home job that suddenly started when I least expected it. I’m glad I’m on a new project with this company, but it was the worst possible week to squeeze that it!

My anxiety was through the roof.

Now that I’ve gathered myself together and cleared my mind I’m feeling ready to take on this week with confidence. I truly had to refocus and reset myself so I’m set up for success.

Here’s how I did it:


My whole routine was thrown out the window and that included meditation. I find meditation SO essential for me because it gives me the peace and quiet to hear my own mind. It helps to come into alignment and empowers me.
When I don’t meditate I notice how off I am. I’m impatient and easily irritated and feel like I have to reconnect with myself, so this was obviously the first step I had to take to get my life together.


The feeling of being drained, sluggish, and cranky was terrible. I hate feeling that way and was one of the biggest reasons I started living a healthier lifestyle. Well this week was definitely a reminder of that.

I don’t like to meal prep because I prefer fresh cooked meals and I’m so blessed to work from home and have that opportunity. So I meal plan. I planned out meals for me and Ezra and simply prepped ingredients – not meals.

This was so helpful for breakfast. I usually make an egg white omelette for myself and cutting up the veggies I need beforehand makes my mornings flow easier.


This one is simple. Make a workout plan.

As an online health & wellness coach with The Healthstyle Emporium, I have access to our 2-week yoga challenge and decided to start with this.

I didn’t want to jump back in full force after missing my workouts and a yoga challenge was simple, yet effective. Getting in any physical activity was the goal here.

It was only a week that I missed, but my body felt really out of shape and I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t get any burnout.


I’ll be honest. Taking my little magic beans were the last thing on my mind and I could definitely feel the difference. I had a lot of brain fog going on and did a post specifically about this on my Instagram. Basically, I started not just my usual capsules, but I jumped back on the Omegas. These bad boys help a lot with brain health and specifically brain fog. So far I’ve had a lot more clarity to my goals, priorities, and everyday duties.


When so many distractions start to hit, it’s easy to forget what your goals are or what your why is. I got consumed in, most of all, cleaning and literally didn’t do a productive thing.

To write down my goals a few times was a great refresher! I was able to realize why I have these goals and focus on how I can get closer to achieving them in the coming week.


I’m a freak when it comes to planning so this was my favorite part! To make the coming week a fresh start I need to see what I generally had to do for each day. I know things may happen (I mean, look at this past week), but having some type of game plan really does help.

I planned out my week like I normally would.

  • -scheduling any non-negotiables
  • -looking at my deadlines
  • -creating a to-do list


It couldn’t be a reset day without some self care.

I don’t know if its just me, but cleaning the house is a must. So after a deep clean, I love to create a spa vibe. I got comfy in my robe, put on a face mask, brought out the foot spa, and relaxed while reading a book. What ways to your practice self care?