This summer (and just as a mom in general)  I’ve been embracing a minimal makeup routine. Wearing less product is definitely worthy of a compliment or two. Who would have thought that the girl who wouldn’t leave the house with a full glam smothered on her face, would end up loving a no-makeup look.  Sometimes I’m even fine with brow, lashes, and out the door. Mama doesn’t have time for a full glam anymore. At first, this look took me around 15 min. – 20 min, but now I have it down to around 5 min – 10 min. Practice. 🤙🏼

minimal makeup routine everyday summer

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Minimal makeup can be a bit tricky to master and besides the Colourpop No Filter Foundation, I haven’t found a foundation that compliments my complexion without making me looked all caked up. There are days where I don’t have the time for foundation and go straight for the concealer. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is by far the BEST concealer I’ve tried. The Colourpop No Filter Concealer is pretty amazing too, but it tends to be more for oily skin and I have combination/dry skin.
I’ve been doing a quick, contour instead of in-depth, full face contour. I apply bronzer/contour where the sun would naturally hit my face – cheeks, nose, and a little on my forehead. I love blending my contour and using the Morphe E3 is my favorite. The Profusions Contour & Highlight is absolutely amazing and only $5 at Target (what a steal am I right!?).  Super blendable but the product really does stick and stay all day. Plus, it smells like chocolate candy when applied. I’m not sure why, but it does and I’m obsessed.
My brows are my babes. The OG Anastasia BH Dip Brow Pomade is perfect if I’m feeling like a slaying brow or cute natural look. A little bit goes a long way with this product so it doesn’t take me forever to finish. Most of the time, with little product, I’ll blend it out with a brow brush. I never go too far in, towards my nose but make a few strokes for an uber-natural look. I throw on some brow gel and I’m good to go.
I feel that no eyeshadow adds to that no-makeup look so I skip it. The NYX dewy look setting spray is next. This setting spray seriously keeps my makeup on forever. I know that whatever I’m doing, my makeup won’t leave my face. And you know me, I apply buckets of this. I have no self-control when spraying this, my husband thinks I have a real problem. ALSO, make sure to apply setting spray BEFORE your mascara! I would always miss this and my mascara would get all over my concealer and then I rub it…I’m a hot mess.
Next, I’ll curl my lashes and use the LUSH Eyes Right Mascara. This is by far the only mascara I want to use. I can’t get enough of it. You can read my review right here!
To apply, I start by applying lightly to the ends of my lashes and work my coats to the bottom. Usually, I’m doing 2 – 3 coats. I used to go over-board with mascara coats but I’m definitely learned to tame myself. Ha!
Amond the rotation of lip products I hoard, the LUSH key lime pie lip balm is my go-to. I’m that girl that uses chapstick every 2 hours so I’ll always have this in my purse. I do want a little suminsumin, I’ll grab any Milani lipstick. Those lipsticks are my freaking life! AND THEY SMELL AMAZEBALLS. But for the everyday look its just simple lip balm.
There is my minimal makeup routine. Everday varies depending on whether I feel like actually putting the effort in my makeup or just wanna go bare face all day. Thanks for reading! xx
What are your everyday makeup essentials?



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