I’m going to be completely honest – as much as I love trying new beauty products, I’m a total hoarder. I use the same products till they’re all used and when I’m ready to buy another product I end up buying the exact same products! But little by little I’ve been trying to rid this habit and try more products. Plus, this gave me a good idea of what I really love and being a busy boss babe, I have to have some staples on deck. Getting ready in the morning is now down to a 5-minute makeup, hair not done, yoga pants and t-shirt routine. I want to share with you guys the staples I fell in absolute love with and that I grab for 90% of the time.


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Starting off with skincare is essential for a fresh face and a fresh face is what you need for your makeup to look better. My current favorite is the Olehenriksen Banana Bright Eye Crème. I didn’t think much of eye creams, but I fell in love with this one. It makes a huge difference in how my concealer settled and when used consistently I saw my dark circles lessen. Freaking love this.

I skip the primer, the foundation, all of that. Too much time and I’m looking for something to simply make me look put together, not glammed up. I have really no blemishes. A few blackheads and a couple pimples every now and then. But even if you have acne or a lot of pimples, you look BEAUTIFUL and a no-foundation look will be flawless on you!

Skipping all those products, I jump into moisturizer. I found the perfect hack for bronze, glowy skin this summer and I think I’ll even use this in the fall (I tend to get real pale). The L’Oreal Hydra Genuis Glowing Water Cream mixed with the Pacifica Bronzing Butter makes the perfect ‘bb cream’. It gives a nice tint, hydration, and most importantly sun protection! I know the bronzing butter isn’t for the face (at least I don’t think it is) but I trust Pacifica because their products are really natural. I never got any breaks outs or rashes from using this on my face so I feel very comfortable with this. I’m not about sun damage so I’m crazy about my sunscreen. The more bronze I wish to look the more I add the Pacifica sunscreen and vice versa. Applying with my fingertips works perfectly.

Next is the love of my life – the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I have combination/dry skin and the creaminess of this concealer is exactly what I need. I wish the applicator was bigger because ya girl here can load on concealer when she’s in the mood, but what can you do?

Pro Tip: apply concealer mainly on the outer part of your undereye and minimally on the inner part to widen your eyes and really makes you look awake.

I’ll admit, having that subtle dark circle look is so beautiful to me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want dark circles and if it’s a glam look I’m covering that stuff up. BUT minimal concealer is my cup of tea. Just the right amount can perk up my eye area giving them a healthy awakened look.

Jumping straight into brows, I use the Anastasia BH DipBrow Pomade in Ebony. My trick for natural yet slaying brows is this:

Make them sharp on the outer part of the brow. Fill them in, make it nice and clean. When it comes to the inner part I do light hair-like strokes and when it comes to the end of my inner brows I don’t touch those at all. I make sure to make a subtle line on the bottom to shape them, but don’t go too crazy. I use my mascara as a brow gel (my brows are a dark dark brown) and the mascara makes those inner hairs pop. There you go, natural brows in a minute.

Finally, mascara and I’m ready to go. I curl my lashes and use the Lush Eyes Right mascara. This is by far the best mascara formula I’ve tried. What I love the most is that it’s natural! You can check out my full review of it here.



These are beauty staples that I can’t live without. For minimal makeup, I use just these products, but even with a full face of makeup, I reach for these products. I’m excited to try more products and see what I come to love especially perfumes! Recently, I’ve been more interested in perfumes, so I’ll let you know what I’m excited about.


What are some of your beauty staple products?


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