Lately, the focus for making money with your blog is from either affiliate link, ads, or selling what you know. While those are super awesome and possible ways to make money blogging, there are many more ways you can make money! These aren’t shady, scammy ways that waste your time.

Always remember that to really make money blogging, you need to treat it like a business. You can’t read more tips on how to do that here. There are a few things that make a blog profitable which includes driving more traffic, creating quality content, and focusing on social media. Even if you’re a brand new blogger you can definitely make money!

Before we get into the ways you can make money, I want to let you know that I am a full-time blogger. That doesn’t mean every cent is directly from blogging, but in order to make a real profit, you HAVE to generate multiple streams of income. And money won’t show up overnight. Be patient and be consistent. Put your best effort into your blog.

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on the links, I may make a small commission at no cost to you! This commission helps me keep this blog running, so thank you for your support!


Oh man, I love the phrase ‘passive income.’ It basically means you set it up once and do nothing while the money rolls in. You can literally make money while you sleep! The best way to do this is with affiliate links. Affiliate links are those you put on a blog post linking back to a product or service. If someone buys from that link you then make a percentage. It’s super easy to use!

There are tons of affiliate programs to join. When I first started out I would literally google a brand + affiliate link. After using MagicLink, everything got so much simpler. MagicLink has so many partnered brands. It’s as easy as downloading their browser extension, going to the website/product you want, and using that extension to instantly create your personalized link. I love it so much and it’s a lot quicker than other programs. Similar to MagicLink is Viglink. There’s a slight difference in the commission, but they both have tons of partnered brands you can choose from!

I use affiliate links on my blog and Pinterest. If you’re mentioning a product in your blog post anyway, you can throw on a link to it. For Pinterest, it’s a bit different, but you simply create a Pinterest graphic and upload it with your affiliate link. You can learn more about Pinterest affiliate marketing here.


You can sell stuff as a blogger! We’ve all been there. You buy something, use it once and then it ends up sitting in your closet for the next year or so.

You can use sites like Poshmark to sell your clothes, accessories, or shoes. Mercari is another great resell app for things like accessories, planners, mugs, unused makeup. We all have things in our closet that we never use anymore. It’s taking up space anyway, so why not make a profit off of it?


If you’re like me and love to shop online cashback sites will be your best friends. Using places like Swagbucks or Ebates you can find dozens of shops online. Simply go to the cashback site, search for the store you’re to buy from, and activate the cash back!

They usually take you to the store from the cashback site you choose. Once you reach a certain cash back balance you can get it through gift card or cash.

Getting money for buying something you would already going to buy is genius.

What are you waiting for? Get hustlin! What ways are you going to do for a more income? What are some ways you make extra income that wasn’t on this list?

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