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Who else was shook and hella excited when Colourpop announced their No Filter Foundation? Colourpop HAS to be one of my top favorite brands. Does anybody remember when they started out with just liquid lipsticks? We were all crazy about how great their quality was for just $6. Now they have foundation, primer, setting powder, these guys will probably have a skincare line coming soon (@ me Colourpop for that sponsor😂). But today I’m going to review their No Filter Foundation, which happens to be my absolute favorite foundation at the moment.

colourpop no filter foundation review

Packaging: Glass bottle is a definite A+++ I absolute love glass packaging and the box it comes in is aesthetic af. I was a bit sad the pump didn’t come with a top to it, because it can be a bit messy. And being real, I hate when I get a new foundation and the bottle itself gets all messy from the foundation. Then it gets all over your makeup bag ughh. Is it just me or?? BUT at least the pump sorta closes (you turn it a bit) so it “doesn’t get too messy.”

colourpop review makeup no filter foundation

Consistency: The formula is not too thick but not super watery. I feel like it is more on the watery side, but it’s not a sheer coverage because of it. But we’ll get into that in a bit. It blends in SUPER nicely and I didn’t know if it will sit well on my skin but it was really natural looking! I never looked cakey once and I really didn’t notice it sinking into my granny wrinkles. Most importantly, it doesn’t dry super fast so you’re able to blend it out better. That’s one of the reasons why I hated the Fenty Beauty Foundation (sorry Rihanna), it was just dried so fast I couldn’t blend it and ended up all patchy. Colourpop came in clutch with this formula.

Skin Tone Match: Colourpop has this ‘quiz’ thing on their website to help you choose your shade. I got mine is Light 75. One of the many flaws of mine is that I tend to over-estimate how tan I am when I actually have just a warm undertone. So when I opened my foundation I was so scared to try it because it looked REALLY tan compared to me. When not crazy tan, but lots more than I expected. BUT, after testing it out, it matched me so perfectly. Colourpop is seriously the best. It truly does have a good match.

foundation shade match

Coverage: I would say it has a medium to high coverage and definitely buildable. It’s not matte or dewy, but the perfect natural finish. The No Filter Foundation is perfect for summer because we’re all about that natural look.  I didn’t see any oxidizing either, which I love.

Longevity: This is probably where it impressed me the most. I’m a very sweaty person (sorry TMI) but I have dry skin. I know, weirdo right here. But I can wear this foundation all day long and won’t notice it move at all. The coverage lasts all day too so I know my pimple won’t be making a scene when I’m out and about. If anything, I thought it looked better throughout the day!

Overall I rate this foundation the best! Only thing I would change is a top cover for the pump! Great work Colourpop, you’re my fave. 💛

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