I am obsessed with mornings.

It’s when I feel the most productive, motivated, and energized. If I set myself up with a badass morning, then the rest of my day is great!

If I said this a couple months ago, I would never believe it. I used to hate mornings and when I say hate I truly mean hate. I woke up grumpy and stressed. Then the rest of the day I was more stressed and worried I wouldn’t get anything done. I spent my days planning things out rather than getting work done. I knew all of this started because my day didn’t start right.

One day I decided I needed to change the way I was doing things. I had to change something to help me start crushing goals and it started with focuses on two things: fixing how unorganized my morning was and getting in the habit of setting goals to accomplish for the day.

Jump a couple months forward, here I am. Loving my mornings and somewhat addicted to them.

My secret weapon – I created a morning routine.

 I’m now more productive than ever and a so much more motivated. I’m really driven to achieving my goals and making things happen. I want to share with you guys my morning routine in hopes you can catch some inspiration. Even if you copy this routine to the dot, I’d be more than happy!

I wish you can have the productivity, motivation, energy that I got from simply creating and sticking to a morning routine.

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Why do I need a morning routine?

Every day is a new day. A fresh start. New opportunities. YOU have control!

The morning is the start of the day. So if you start day off bad, you’re more than likely to spiral downward. You deserve a stress-free day full of positivity, motivation, and happiness. Stop waking up dreading the day, feeling unorganized and rushed, forgetting all you want to accomplish.

Having a routine lets you be in control over your morning and your day. You choose the mood you want to be in.

You choose how productive the day will turn out.

You don’t need to wake up at 4am like I do, but simply enough time to do what sets you up for the day.

What does your lifestyle need right now?

My morning routine takes roughly 2 hours and I love the extra quiet time to myself because lets be honest…being a stay-at-home mom is exhausting.

Bullet proof coffee and lemon water

As soon as my alarm goes off in the morning I just get up, not even thinking about it. If I give it a second thought I know I’ll press snooze and fall back asleep.

I love using my timer on my coffee maker (don’t ask me why I never did this before) so when I walk into my kitchen I smell the freshly made coffee. It’s literally the BEST thing to wake up to.

Right now I’m intermittent fasting so I make my bullet proof coffee recipe:

∙dash of cinnamon

∙coconut oil

∙splash of unsweetened almond milk

∙liquid stevia

With my coffee, I drink my lemon water. Always hydrate before you caffeinate. It also has tons and tons of benefits so I never skip my lemon water.

Gratitude journal

While drinking my coffee, I like to sit down and do my gratitude journal. I’m loving the 5minute journal because it not only had a gratitude part but an ‘intentions’ and ‘affirmations’ section. Journaling has definitely brought more positivity and happiness into my life. I truly believe in the power of thankfulness and affirmations, and I’ve seen first-hand experiences in my own life. My whole mood and outlook on life are better than ever. Since having postpartum depression and birth control depression I find this simple habit of journaling has transformed my life. I definitely recommend getting yourself a gratitude journal and starting some affirmations for yourself in the mornings!

Stretch + 30 minute workout

I’m going to be completely honest with you guys. When I was close to having my baby I was so motivated and excited to start working out again. Then I had a c-section and was still motivated, but took longer to recover. I was almost 5 months postpartum and tried to avoid working out as much as possible. I started to notice that I was really…really out of shape. I took effect on my confidence and overall happiness.

I hated feeling sluggish, out of breath from just a walk, and become aware of all the extra pounds. So, I started incorporating a 30 minute workout (along with healthy eating and living) into my everyday routine and let me tell ya, LIFE FREAKING CHANGING. I’m so glad I took this step! I do my workouts in the morning because once my day started I knew I would be distracted and push it to the next day. 30 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot, but I can seriously pack in a sweaty workout!

Taking it back a step. Before my workout I take my oxyshred fat burner. This product has given me the best results and puts me in the best mood throughout the whole day. I love the pink grapefruit flavor!

While I drink this and give my body 15min to absorb it, I will read whatever book I have at the moment. Right now it’s How to Get Sh*t Done by Erin Falconer.

Breakfast + devotional time

After a workout I like to make a healthy, filling breakfast. A protein shake, oatmeal, or scrambled tofu are my favorites. I would always skip breakfast before and never thought anything of it. But since actually eating my breakfast I’ve noticed a difference in my gut health. Less bloating and no more random snacking because my stomach is filled and satisfied!

With my breakfast, I love doing a devotional! The 5 minute devotional app has been awesome and I love to add a little Bible study afterward based on what I learned from the 5 minute devotional.


This is another life-changing habit. I love doing this in the morning because it sets up my mind for better focus. I reflect on my goals and what I want to accomplish, but also calm my thoughts. I’m no pro at meditation but I’ve seen a big change is how I manage stressful situations. My patience has also increased which is essential for a SAHM.

Get ready + plan my day

I’ll take a quick shower if needed or simply wash my face. Skincare and bodycare are a MUST. I’ve been using this cellulite oil religiously and my skin has never been more hydrated! I’ll do a quick 15 minute makeup look even if I stay home all day. The feeling of getting ready makes me feel like such a boss babe and motivates me to be productive. If I’m rocking that bed head hair-do, sweatpants and husband’s t-shirt then it’s usually a Netflix binge-watching kind of day.

Once I’m ready I’ll take out my bullet journal and plan out my day. I organize my to-do list from what’s due first. It takes about 10 minutes then I’m ready to conquer the day.

By this time I usually have a good chunk of time to either tidy up the house from the night before, start on some work, or simply read a good book on the couch. Having time to myself in the early quiet morning is important to me because a little human is calling the shots all day.

So there it is, my morning routine! I hope this inspires you to make some positive changes to your morning. What does your morning routine look like?

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