Every day you have an opportunity to come closer to your goals or to let any day pass you by. Something as simple as self-motivation and a change in perspective can change it all. I’ve been using affirmations for a couple months now and after the first week, I saw the change in my attitude, personality, and mindset. YOU CAN REACH YOUR DAMN GOALS, HONEY. Here’s a list of affirmations to help you change how you build and grow your business, blog, or even social media. Start reaching your goals in a positive way.


What Are Affirmation Though?

Chances are, you’ve done affirmations before without knowing. They’re statements, ‘affirmations’ (literally) to help affirm positive things in your life. It’s a tool you use to bring great things into your life. When used consistently you see a change in all around you and what’s going on in that head of yours aka thoughts. SO, use these to your advantage! Why in the world wouldn’t you want more positivity, success, and all-around love into your life?


The best way to utilize affirmations is to say them out loud and/or meditate on them. Meditation is a whole other story, but also just as poppin’ as affirmations. Try them the first thing in the morning to start your day off right and throughout the day as well. I LOVE to use the DailyReminder app because you can set a time, add the text, and you get a notification. I carry my phone with me everywhere, literally everywhere (just @ me, I know I’m that person) so when I get these notifications throughout the day I’m bound to read them. I even make it better by using specific affirmations at specific times of the day. For example, by the evening, on my drive home I get super tired and just want to get in bed and sleep. But with an affirmation of energy and abundant joy, I feel like I can conquer the rest of the day.


So take these affirmations, get inspired, slay them on the daily, and repeat.



  1. I deserve all that is good in the world. I feel happiness, confidence, and love in my mind, body, and soul.
  2. Every day in every way, I am getting better and better.
  3. Confidence is part of my nature.
  4. I release my past and move on to create my ideal business.
  5. I give myself permission to shine like no one’s business!
  6. I am worthy of all the love and joy the world has to offer.
  7. All I desire comes easily and effortlessly.
  8.  I am freaking successful in [your industry/business]


Time Management

  1. I am always moving forward and working on my goals.
  2. I manage time with grace and ease.
  3. Every day I am left with more than enough time for family/friends.
  4. I am organized and productive.
  5. I am unstoppable.
  6. Each day I take action in building [my business/blog]
  7. I prioritize myself and well-being to further my impact on my [business/blog]



  1. I effortlessly attract new [customers,readers,etc.]
  2. Everyday I’m expressing myself with love and compassion.
  3. I always have no prospects to reach out to. The possibilities are endless.
  4. I send love to everyone I meet today!
  5. Collaborating comes easy and I LOVE it.



  1. I am connected to my purpose and it drives my work.
  2. Each day is filled with joy knowing I make a positive impact on peoples’ lives.
  3. My content/product brings greatness into peoples’ lives.
  4. I create positivity in peoples’ lives.
  5. Each day I give love and encouragement.

Money Affirmations

  1. It’s safe for me to use money to create my dream life.
  2. My income constantly increases.
  3. Money flows into my life easily and rapidly.
  4. It’s OK for me to multiply my income.
  5. Making money is easy for me.





You have the power to create great things in your life. What dream life do you desire?

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