You won’t find or create your dream career if you find yourself with not enough time in the day. To master the career you’ll soon have, you have to master the life right in front of you! Don’t let it pass you by but make the most of what you have right now. That starts with good time management habits.

I’m going to show you tips to conquer your time and productivity, so your schedule and to-do list make you happy not stressed af. The more I implemented these strategies the more I enjoyed the hustle and hard work, and I hope the same is for you! Are you ready to change your life?


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  1. Make a Plan or Your Calendar Will Control You

One of my BIGGEST time management mistakes was just going with the flow. Laundry overflowing my laundry basket? Ok, time to wash.

Deadline notifications keep popping up? Ok, time to rush to the deadline 5min. before it’s due. I did whatever came my way instead of having exact times for certain things. And this isn’t just in the work life but in your home life. Discipline and planning are required to achieve success and your goals.


  1. Set Limits

It’s not healthy to spend the whole day at your desk, ignoring family and friends. But at the same time, you’ll get no work done if you’re hanging out with everybody 24/7. Make a healthy balance. Take time to enjoy life and be present. It’s ok to say no to pizze and a movie once in a while. I make sure to set Saturdays and Sundays for family time and try my hardest to stick to it. No phones, no work, just family. For during the week, as a work-at-home-mom, I make sure to set aside dedicated work time and quality time with baby Ezra. I’m not such an addict to social media, but sometimes I have to watch how long I spend on Pinterest! It’s just important to realize your priorities and to guard your time as much as possible.


  1. Wake Up Earlier

I’m not one to judge if you wake up at noon every day, because during summer of my high school years I would wake up around 5pm. I know what it is to sleep in. BUT, waking up earlier has far more benefits and you feel like a boss lady doing it. Waking up earlier gives you more time to hit those goals. Want to lose weight? Hit the gym before doing anything else and you’re already killing your goals before the day even starts. I love writing blog content in the morning before baby wakes up because it’s a rare time when there are peace and quiet in my house. Find some goals that require a daily effort and squeeze them into your morning routine!


  1. Batch Your Work Like Your Life Depends on It

Ohhhh girl. Batch working is my favorite way to get work done, ESPECIALLY taking care of a baby all day. Basically, you group similar tasks into blocks of time. I make sure to take away all distractions, so personally, I like this at night when my husband is playing with the baby. I do all my emails in a batch, writing blog content, or filming multiple YouTube videos in one go. Trust me, best freaking idea ever!



  1. Find Time That Works for You

Everyone is not the same. Some jump out of bed ready to work, but there are some night owls that like to get work done before bed. If your peak productive time is mid-day, don’t waste it on Hulu. Spend your best time focusing on your goals – launching a business, killing that online class, or job searching. Do all that ‘hulu’ type things around that time.

For me, I love watching Hulu while doing my makeup (since it takes 30min. to do that anyway). I get my Hulu time in while getting ready for the day.



Now you slay those goals! Don’t be too stressed about implementing all these time management tips tomorrow but start one by one. You got this!


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