High-end beauty brands are to die for, I love them, but I’m all about drugstore makeup. I get more excited about affordable, high-quality makeup the most. So,  I narrowed down a few of the best makeup products under $5. These products are affordable, but better yet, worth far more than what they’re priced. I truly stick by these products!

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ELF Baked Highlighter – $

This highlighter was mentioned in my Best of Elf Cosmetics post and I HAD to mention it here. It stands up there with the Anastasia highlighters. The look isn’t so glittery, but a natural yet poppin’ glow. 9/10

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Ardell Demi Wispies – $3.99

If you know me, I’m obsessed with Kiss #11 lashes. Seriously obsessed. But recently I tried to change things up and I chose the Ardell Demi Wispies. BEST. DECISION. EVER. I’m still obsessed with Kiss #11, but the Ardell lashes also give a nice everyday look. 8/10



Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation – $4.39

Wet n Wild is really stepping it up with their products, but my all-time favorite product is their foundation! It is a matte finish, but not crazy matte that my dry skin looks gross with it. The shade match is perfect and I didn’t see any flash-back! It won’t last more than 8+ hours (at least with how I apply it), but I don’t find that con such a big deal. 9/10



ELF HD Lifting Concealer – $3

THIS. CONCEALER. This is the only concealer that covers my dark circles completely. I’ve tried high-end and other drugstore concealers, but none did it like this Elf concealer. I’ve been loving my concealer to match my foundation rather than a brightening concealer (gives a more natural look) and this product does it the best. The shade matches perfectly and even without foundation, it looks amazing. 10/10



NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – $2.99

Oh girl, this is a lip CREAM, not lipstick and it stands up to that. The creaminess of this product really got me hooked. I find it is long-lasting + the shade range of nudes is incredible. I do feel like there isn’t enough product, but maybe I just used it like crazy. I’m that in love with this product. 9/10




What are some of your drugstore favorites?

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